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Touch. The erotic. And healing.

Chris Maxwell Rose is here from The Pleasure Mechanics and we geek out about touch, changing bodies and how our relationship with the erotic changes over time, touch hunger, and much much more.

The Pleasure Mechanics have a bunch of fantastic online courses, so if you want to check those out this is my affiliate link.

A few of the things we discuss include:

  • The many touch stones that we have in our life that help us stay grounded and connected to ourselves, our body,  and to the people we care about.
  • What does saying yes to connection and touch mean? How do we explore our erotic selves with tenderness, longing, and hunger instead of fear, vulnerability, and terror?
  • Chris shares their experience with mindfulness and being present, and how this practice can help us be more present during sex.
  • Bringing erotic awareness into our daily lives and how skills based practice plays an important role in it. 
  • Reverence and how we can turn our attention to the small and minute things of everyday and savour in those moments.  
  • The different stories around touch, what touch hunger means, receiving touch, and to what degree is affectionate touch tied up to sex.
  • What happens if touch is something that you’re not hungry for? How can we still practice this skill?
  • The violence and harm that can come in how we touch one another and how do we practice the pleasure, love, radical empathy that can also happen through touch?
  • Massage as the yes point for couples and the practice of massage as part of a culture within a relationship.
  • The practice of sharing each other’s desires in a relationship and not taking no as a rejection.
  • Creating micro-experiments as a couple to build foundational skills within the relationship.
  • Honoring where you’re at and being present with yourself and/or relationship knowing that everything is a process and that there is no guarantee of the destination.
  • Harnassing the erotic and how it grows your capacity to the experiences you want and the experiences that you have been practicing towards.

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About Chris Maxwell Rose:

I am a sex educator with over 15 years experience teaching individuals and groups about sexual health and pleasure.

Together with my partner Charlotte, I co-founded in 2006, dedicated to sharing practical, down-to-earth information and techniques for more sexual pleasure.We have criss-crossed the nation teaching workshops on sex to audiences from 3 to 3,000. Our car has over 300,000 miles on it from our travels. Our work has reached individuals in over 60 countries.

As The Pleasure Mechanics we have combined our body based expertise with game-changing cultural insights that provide a unique path to a happier, healthier and more pleasurable sexuality. Our online courses teach the techniques of sexual pleasure to men and women around the world, and our podcast offers hundreds of hours of free erotic education to anyone ready to expand their capacity for pleasure, love, arousal and connection.

I have been working as an independent sex educator since graduating Vassar College with honors in 2003. Truly, I’ve been a sex educator since my childhood, when I discovered myself camped out in the library’s sexuality section and answering all my friend’s questions on the playground. I try to maintain the wide eyed curiosity of my youth as I distill what I have learned in my decade of hands-on sex education leadership.

My highest commitment is helping to create a world where all men, women and couples have the information and tools to become sexually fulfilled. My work is dedicated to creating an end to the cycle of sexual violence and abuse.

As a survivor of child sexual abuse and teenage sexual assault, I believe that the cycle of sexual violence is dependent on a culture of sexual shame, fear and silence. These toxic cycles can only be remedied by advocating for sexual wellness, freedom and pleasure. To this pleasurable end I have dedicated my creativity and leadership.

I’d love to hear from you! Be In Touch.

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