Sex Gets Real with Dawn Serra

From BDSM to broken penises, from virgin stories to rope bondage. It's a packed week.

Dawn has some new client openings for sex and relationship coaching. Want to check it out? Pop over to her coaching page and jump on it ASAP.

This week is full of juicy questions. One listener reveals he has a broken penis and after being shamed by a few partners, needs help getting over the fear. How can he embrace his penis?

Another listener is eager to try rope bondage and wants stories from Dawn, plus resources on how to safely get started.

A virgin is super excited to write in with her first juicy story, even if it wasn't ideal. Also, where can you find BDSM conferences like the ones Dawn always goes to?

Oh, and one listeners received a prostate massage from two massage professionals that ended in orgasm, and how his wife feels like he cheated. What can he do?

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Dawn woke up feeling like she wanted an intimate chat with you.

There's also a follow-up from a listener who wrote in recently about sex with vibrators.

Plus, a 20-year-old virgin just got her first vibrator and wants help on working on internal orgasms. A mom also has some thoughts on safer sex kits for college kids.

There are a few free replays from the Explore More Summit this week, so check it out at

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Sarah and Brian from join in the fun this week.

Since they recently started teaching an anal sex class, we start off with a question about anal sex myths.

A listener who wants to study sexuality asks for book recommendations and we have quite the list (see below).

Plus, a heartbroken listener is tired of his wife's interest in fast fucks and quickies. He wants lovemaking and slow sex. What can he do?

In this episode, we mentioned a ton of resources. Here are the books we discussed with links!

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What if you're already in love before the sex happens?

Comedian and 4-Play Baltimore host, Prescott Gaylord, joins us for the first of two HIQIs.

First, we hear from Sophie about college hook-ups and how she worked all her FWBs on campus. Then, Katie writes in because she is about to have sex with her girlfriend of one year for the first time. But she's never been in love before having sex and needs advice.

We weigh in. Also, Prescott makes lots of t-shirts.

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