Sex Gets Real with Dawn Serra

Dirty Lola joins us this week!

First up, there is a free webinar on March 28th all about intimacy in relationships as you explore non-monogamy and opening an existing relationship up. Register here!

Second, Dawn is an expert speaking at the Love Detox online event that starts April 4th. Learn more here:

This week's co-host is Dirty Lola, a sex toy extraordinaire at Shag in Brooklyn, and also the creator and host of Sex Ed a Go-Go.

After hearing all about Lola's new Daddy Dom, we jump into two listener questions.

One listener wants to know how to prepare for experimenting with their girlfriend's vibrator. We have lots of thoughts.

Another listener is sexually inexperienced and wants to know - how do you even get started with sex and how do you find people to experiment with? Prepare for LOTS of ideas.

Find Lola on Twitter and check out Sex Ed A Go-Go online or over at

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