Sex Gets Real with Dawn Serra

We are so excited to have the powerful, the fabulous, the game-changing Feminista Jones on with us this week.

We talk about sex-positive feminism, BDSM, Dom/sub dynamics, how the term vanilla has become a slur, street harassment, birth control, how sex and body autonomy are the key to liberation and freedom for Black women, and so much more.

If you want to check out all of Feminista's amazing work and her superstar bio, you can find her at She is also on Instagram and Twitter, so check her out there, too.

The Women's Freedom Conference that she's organizing is also on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to sign-up for updates and attend in October.

A few of Dawn's favorite articles by Feminista are below:

  1. Your Sex Life Should be Free of Regrets
  2. When Did Vanilla Become Such a Bad Word?
  3. I'm Not a Slut, I Just Love Having Sex
  4. Deconstructing 'Ho'

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