Sex Gets Real with Dawn Serra

Sex. The scariest thing in the world?

Dawn really loved this conversation about STI stigma. A recent article in The Atlantic (link below in the show notes) talked about some research findings that show people are terrified of sex.

People judge someone more harshly for transmitting a mild case of curable chlamydia than killing someone with swine flu. Why? Because someone with chlamydia likely had prior sexual encounters and people see that as completely unforgivable.

Unfortunately, our abstinence-only focus on teaching kids how super scary sex can be - STIs can kill and pregnancy can ruin your entire life - means that as adults we simultaneously crave and vilify sex. It's a recipe for lying about STI status, taking huge risks to avoid shame, and driving behaviors into the closet.

Plus, Dawn got a new therapist to help with some relationship feels and it's blowing her mind. Permission to be messy: granted.

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