Sex Gets Real with Dawn Serra

Dawn & Dylan take a moment to talk about the Paris attacks, plus the lack of visibility on attacks in Beirut, Baghdad, and when the violence is against people of color. We wish peace for all us, but if we want human rights to be upheld, we need to acknowledge when racial justice issues arise.

Dawn is in the process of creating a badass online summit that will be free with some of the world's leading experts in sex, relationships, sensuality, and body love. So, a listener wrote in with a question for the summit experts. Dawn and Dylan dig in a bit.

Should a man married 14-years to a super monogamous spouse just accept that he can't have non-monogamous experiences or does he need to end the marriage with someone he loves in order to have these sexual adventures?

Plus, a kid on a bus does the jerk off motion AND throwing the spooge on cars passing by, including Dawn. She reacts.

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