Sex Gets Real with Dawn Serra

If you're in the Atlanta area, also be sure to check out Sex Down South, a brand new sex conference happening October 15-17. Dawn will be there representing the podcast, and a ton of awesome folks are speaking on everything sex positive, kink, and racial justice.

We are so excited to have Amy Jo Goddard joining us today to talk about her new book "Woman on Fire" and talking all things sexual intelligence, erotic empowerment, and pleasure.

From finding your voice to staying adventurous, Amy Jo is so eloquent and wise when it comes to exploring and growing your sexuality. We talk about identities and finding community, being endlessly curious, and giving yourself permission to define your yes in a world that tells us sex is all of these no's.

It's one of our favorite interviews we've done on the podcast, and you can find Amy Jo at and

Listeners, if you're in the DC area and you're a sex educator of some sort, you HAVE to join Dawn at Tristan Taormino's Sex Educator Bootcamp on October 18th. Our listeners get 25% off with code "deal25". Check out details and register here.


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