Sex Gets Real with Dawn Serra

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Would you sleep with a virgin? And what does virgin even mean?

After a fabulous dinner, courtesy of Yes Please, More Please on all things aphrodisiac and sexy when it comes to food, Dylan and I discuss one of the topics that dominated the dinner party: virgins.

What is a virgin? What does it even mean, if anything at all? Is it just an oppressive social construct that doesn't actually have any meaning in a sex positive world? Is it something experience sexperts want to deal with?

Dylan certainly is ready to take anyone's V-card. Dawn isn't so sure... though, there might be certain fantasies she has...

What do you think about the label "virgin"? Is it a big deal? Is it penis in vagina sex? Does it require the presence of a hymen in women? Have things changed to the point where virginity is actually an out-dated concept that we should do away with? 

We want to know!

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